Standing duck at Lake Alexandra
Two wood ducks standing on rock in lake
Kookaburra at Ku-ring-gai Chase NP 2
White faced heron standing tall
White faced heron standing by river
Kookaburra at Resolute Picnic Area
Rosella in tree
Running geese at Royal National Park
Corella eating fruit
Corella in flight
Corella leaving tree
Red Wattlebird in tree
Kookaburra at Australian Botanic Gardens
Kookaburra looking backwards
Kookaburra on branch
Kookaburra looking ahead at Botanic Gardens
Pelican swimming in Lake Burley Griffin
Black cockatoo sitting in tree
Black cockatoo perched up high on branch
Kookaburra in tree with one kookaburra flying away
Lyrebird looking at tail
Lyrebird looking for food
Baby black swan in water
Black swan with cygnet
Seagull in lake
Corellas together in tree
Sleeping corella
Corella in tree
Pelican and Hot Air Balloon
Swans in river with bridge behind
Yellow robin on ground
Cockatoo behind fence
Ducks on river
Black swans in black and white
Black swan with wings outstretched

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